Feb 09, 2007

Virtual iPhone

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Quer ter um iPhone no seu Mac?
No seu Desktop, podendo usar o iPhone virtual.
Seria tipo um Skype uma aplicação de comunicação VOIP porem logo mais poderá usar SMS nele.


Xnet, a small European VOIP software company just released a (Mac-only) iPhone-inspired desktop client called iSoftPhone (turns out it’s basically just a reskinned version of its MegaFon app, the existence of which I was previously unaware).

What makes it worth downloading is its easy interoperability with multiple SIPphone providers. The advantage to the end-user is that one can make calls on multiple networks to take advantage of the cheapest provider for each type of call, i.e., local vs. international.

I already had a Gizmo Project account, so I was able to configure iSoftPhone to use my existing SIP address and make calls. It immediately recognized the microphone in my iSight camera and the call went through perfectly on the first try.

According to the web site, iSoftPhone will begin offering an SMS feature soon.

It also just looks nice on my desktop, though it makes me wish iPhone’s June release could come sooner.

Daniel Modell

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